Hire the Owner and Founder of Escape Your Chaos to speak to your group.

Catherine will present a 30 minute DVD presentation followed by up to 30 minutes of audience questions



Speaking Enagements
* Upon Request Covid-19 We will use precautions For Your Safety: Masks, Gloves & Hand Sanitizer *

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Oregon CCB# 205698

CCB # 205698
~ Art Henderson  Speaker Coordinator Lake Oswego Adult Community Center 

"Catherine Lejeal, CEO & Founder of Escape Your Chaos made a great presentation on how to remove chaos from your life with an emphasis on organizing your activities especially with referance to organizing your house. She is hired to help people get better efficiency from their lives thus becoming happier and less frustrated because they can't find things or get as much done as they would like. She talked about how she made scrapbooks for each year of her children's lives until they reached 20. She also showed her half an hour DVD about basic organization ideas and then fielded an array of questions for the next hour. If you think you could be helped with her aid call 503-805-5880"