We Use Covid-19

Precautions For Your Safety:

Masks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer

Hazmat Suits upon request

"Catherine and her Escape Your Chaos Team are a whiz at helping you transition!  I had referred her to our apartment complex residents for a variety of organizational support over the years and had good feedback about her efficiency and aid. MOVING IS JUST NOT FUN! It's even worse when you are busy, as most of us are. People in transition are under duress and a move can be one of the most stressful times.

Catherine makes the move less painful. I now know personally as I needed help recently with my own move.  To have her experiences and calm composure to get you moved in and organized makes the chaos go way quickly. She is worth every penny, is self directed, has a plan and is full service.  From helping you get boxes and proper moving supplies to knowing  where to put artwork, belongings and  sensible storage.

"My wife and I recently moved to an apartment.  I asked the office staff to recommend a contractor to mount my home theatre system.  They recommended Catherine and Escape Your Chaos. Well let me tell you that she went above and beyond. Three days later we were enjoying movie night. Our system looks and sounds amazing.  We later go a patio full of firewood by calling her. We highly recommend her services. Thank you, Catherine, for helping our transition to Lake Oswego feel seamless."

~ Brian and Amy Sundquist  Lake Oswego OR

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"I want to share my recommendation of Catherine LeJeal. Catherine has saved my life for the last 6 months assisting me in a move from one apartment to another one much smaller.  Because of her expertise, she was able to see that move accomplished with a very small amount of stress on my part. She then helped me organize everything in my life and eliminated many things that were no longer necessary in my smaller apartment. All of this was done with compassion and gentleness.  Things were taken away efficiently with no regrets. She has continued to keep my life organized with bi-weekly visits including food prep, shopping, and other needs I have. I am 86 years old and I have had a lot of people work for me through out the years and none have reached the standards of this wonderful woman."  Sincerely,

~ Elaine Knapp  Lake Oswego OR


"Here it is and I mean every word of it!

I recently had three huge tasks to get done. Clean out, organize and establish some kind of garage storage system, remodel my office into a comfortable living and working space, and even bigger, move everything out of a 5,000 square foot home. These tasks would have been seriously overwhelming and my work would have suffered greatly. By some good fortune, I found Catherine, and well, the bottom line is, she took on these monster projects and took care of them... brilliantly! Absolutely, I could not have done it alone, She's good, really good.  I have no reservation in recommending her HIGHLY"

~ Graham Salisbury   Lake Oswego OR

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She even meets you at the store to help you shop for the right decorative pieces that are dual purpose. She and her team can assemble and install all your furniture and shelving. She has a well screened team of experts for carpentry, electrical, painting, TV install, sound systems and security.

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“Catherine, You did an absolutely wonderful job organizing & staging my client’s home. She was so lucky to have your services. Her home sold quickly & I will definitely use your services in the future” Nathalie Kuehl ~ Caldwell Banker Realtor Portland OR
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“My listing you prepared for sale with your “update team" SOLD IN ONE DAY!” Lauren Kelso Caldwell Banker Realtor Lake Oswego OR

She is competent, meticulous and stand behind her work 100%. I trust her and so can you.  Let her help you ease your transition and get you settle peacefully."

~Barb Pressentin   Realtor   Portland OR

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We Use Covid-19 Precautions For Your Safety:
Masks, Gloves & Hand Sanitizer

Hazmat Suits Upon Request

We prepare you for a successful smooth transition by pre-organizing your home. Helping you decide what to keep, part with, pre-pack, stage your home for sale, and keep it looking perfect until it sells by weekly visits.  After your sale, purchase, or move, we unpack, decorate, and organize your new home for comfort, safety, and style.   



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Staging Homes For Sale Or Rent

Whether you are moving by choice or being forced into a reluctant move, you are under stress.

We will make this transition easier for you .

~Together we will pre-organize your belongings.

Why pay to move items you no longer use?

~If you are selling, allow me to "stage" your home with your own belongings before the photographer shows up  for quicker sales. 

Our Team Will :

~ Safely pack your boxes.

~ Unpack, settle and decorate your new home.

~ Escape Your Chaos  has handymen on staff handle pre-sale repairs to your home.

~ A trusted  Electronics Expert to install your flat screen TV, sound/security systems and more.

~You don't need to feel overwhelmed by this process. You're not alone anymore.

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