"I have known Catherine for over forty years.

She is the most kind, compassionate person
I've ever known. She has taken time out of her busy schedule to comfort many people

in their hour of need.
When I was in the hospital she would call and comfort me despite a heavy schedule of her own.

I believe this helped me to recover much quicker.
She is kind compassionate and is a team player.
She has great communication skills.
She knows how to get the job done.
I have never seen her be less than

respectful at all times.

She has great values and morals. 

They are above reproach.
She is trustworthy, dedicated and loyal.
~B Rice.  R.N.    Derby KA

" Catherine, I appreciate you so much!!!

I feel so good!!!

You're amazing!!! You're wonderful!!!

My heart is so much lighter, I have more energy.

Thank you, bless you"
~Rick L    Vancouver WA.

~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

" What makes Catherine successful is also what makes her such a joy to be around,  her genuine caring for her fellow man. Catherine has that special asset of

human touch, making
you feel like a million dollars just by smiling and touching your hand. Whenever someone is in need Catherine is always the first one to their aid. Even when she has been ill or it has not been the best of times for herself she will lend a hand of support to those in need.  Sincerely,"
~Joe R.  A.    Liberty Lake WA

~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Life & Transitional Coaching


Dear Catherine,

I wanted to take a moment to personally "Thank You" for all your hard work with me. My past life losses had distorted my self-image and prevented me from moving forward.  You recognized my needs and did not hesitate to formulate a plan.  Your observations and suggestions helped me methodically move forward.  I am beyond thrilled at your commitment, patience and support  You gave me the self-confidence needed to move forward and open up to new opportunities.  I enthusiastically endorse your coaching skills.  

You are a great individual!


~Rita. A.  Lake Oswego, OR

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"Catherine, I want to thank you for knowing how to use your life lessons to direct me to a positive path.

Life can trap us at times,

 we forget where our happiness is.

Thank you for reminding me

how to find mine!

Your listening and understanding is calming and shows Grace. 

You are a true blessing!   Sincerely, "

~Jim C.   Portland,  OR

~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~

"Catherine thank you for your continued support through this process.

You have been an angel!"
~Karl R  Fireman  Lake Oswego OR.

Transitional Coaching

Life hits hard sometimes without enough time to recover before the next wave overwhelms you. 

I'll help you catch your breath and transition to your new life. Together we'll set & get your new goals. 

I'll assist you with those piles of papers & chaos that have clogged your progress. Together we'll talk over your options until you reach your own decisions.

Let's unclutter your life, your thoughts, your home, your office and open a door into the new life you have been dreaming of.

Session subjects are determined by your needs

We Use Covid-19

Precautions For Your Safety:

Masks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer

Hazmat Suits upon request

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