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"I would recommend Catherine for many different kinds of assistance.  She recently helped me to unpack and organize my whole apartment. She knows how to use space most efficiently and has access to the best containers to hold everything. She also has the best carpenter who built shelves and put in lights for me. Excellent! Her rates are reasonable and she is a tireless worker who gets things done in a hurry. I will definitely rely on her in the future."

~Muriel Wooley  Lake Oswego, OR

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I must say that I love coming home every day now that I have my home organized and squared away by Escape Your Chaos! 

It was so worth it! For what it's worth I think Catherine would be a terrific life coach if you need a special person for advice.


~Joel L Portland, OR

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Escape Your Chaos Handyman Josh did a great job on all the projects I asked for support on including tiling a floor, patching walls, painting, and more. He is thoughful and Demonstrates good attention to detail. I have used him multiple times and definitely reccomend him to others.


~Karena Stoner Lake Oswego, OR


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Let the Escape Your Chaos team transform your life. Don't allow clutter and mess to cause you stress. Have a spare bedroom that's unusable because it's become a "catch- all" for items with no home? Garage piling up with so many donations you can't park anymore? We can help sort, take donations, clean, and simplify your home so you don't have to.



"Catherine is an extremely organized professional organizer and makes good use of time.  She is also extremely non-judgemental which is very important to me because my house was such a mess.  
She also does not have an ego problem and takes direction well.  I am very pleased that I found her, she has helped with organizing my home a lot. I intend to utilize her skills again."

  ~ Laura C Lake Oswego OR

"Besides being a joy to work with, Catherine is a take-charge leader who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I attribute Catherine's success to her dedication and commitment to those she serves. Loyalty and perseverance are two words which further describe Catherine's approach to business and her work ethic.

~N, A. Walker, Walker Group LLC  Everett, PA

"I could thread a string of silken words around the world in praise of Catherine's personal assistance work. She is surprisingly competent, prompt, full of good ideas and fearless when tackling tough jobs. Plus, she is trustworthy as the day is long and dang nice, to boot. I highly recommend her services. Truly "

~ G. Salisbury  Lake Oswego, OR 

"It was a delight to discover Catherine as a personal assistant, professional organizer, and decorator.  Catherine is attentive, courteous, honest and very sharp.  She is an absolute professional in every sense who provides a variety of services to your complete satisfaction.  I found it particularly helpful that Catherine has a network of professionals she can call upon to handle just about any task.  She engaged an electrician, painter, and a handyman to complete some work for me.  The work quality was very high and Catherine handled everything. I was very pleased and won't hesitate to engage her again. Very highly recommended!"

~ T. Tigner Lake Oswego, OR

"Catherine helped me clean out and organize a guest bedroom.  She is great. We went to work right away and organized a closet and then worked our way around the room.  It is a great relief to have this done. Catherine is a dream as a professional organizer. I would not hesitate to hire her again." 

~ S. Lingenfelter  Glendora, CA

"Thanks for all you have done. It has been such a blessing to have a more orderly and "homey" home. You are awesome Catherine. God Bless you and your awesome business!

~David and Kim Sassman  West Linn, OR